We’re more than a collective of screenplay contests. We’re a full-service talent incubator built for the now. Day in and day out, we bring screenwriters to the intersection of financial viability and artistry through top-tier mentorships and script development.

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Atlanta Screenplay Awards

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Chicago Screenplay Awards

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NYC Screenplay Awards

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Miami Screenplay Awards

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Phoenix Screenplay Awards

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Toronto Screenplay Awards

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Portland Screenplay Awards

What is our NETWORK all about? Get a detailed look into our mission and how we give screenwriters the power to take their careers into their own hands.

Finally! A Data-Driven Script Coverage Service!

Want a script coverage service without the fluff? We bring a data-driven perspective for serious screenwriters seeking to attract investment and production.


  • 5-page thorough breakdown regarding the 10 story elements of your script: Character, conflict, craft/formatting, dialogue, logic, originality, pacing, premise, structure, and tone.
  • Comments/Suggestions from the analyst
  • Resource recommendations for maximizing your rewrite.


  • Your script is analyzed in-depth by an active Development Executive from a working Production Company (Bio included).
  • On-page script annotations to provide the screenwriter with a clearer understanding of the script’s readability in “real-time.”
  • Receive an 8-page breakdown of the ten script elements. The breakdown includes an HONEST assessment of the script’s current and future potential for investment in the marketplace.
  • A 25-point scoring grid.
  • Detailed Rewrite Plan to maximize script potential.
  • Resource recommendations for maximizing the rewrite plan.
  • Immediately qualify for International Rankings.

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“The Ultimate Screenwriter Mentorship provides an affective and clear path
to production for screenwriters, the likes of which we’ve never seen in this industry.

Mikhael Bassilli Producer Director Writer Investor


Development Spotlight:

Baby Money was developed through the Screenplay Awards Network and serves as a model and case study for our screenwriters. A story & investor-centric mentality is at the heart of our hustle. Learn about this process and why our Network can change your career today!

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“Thank you so much for such an encouraging, constructive and detailed coverage! I truly appreciate your time in reading and evaluating my work.”

Screenwriter, Konstantin Selivan

“May I take this opportunity to thank the organizers of the contest and specifically the people who read my submissions?  I was very impressed by–and am tremendously grateful for–the time, thought and effort they  poured into their analysis of my work. I deeply appreciate the respect and care that was shown for something I’ve been crafting for a long time. Reading the write-up made me proud of what I’d accomplished and eager to put the ample constructive criticism to use.  I wish every contest exhibited the same degree of professionalism to its contestants.”

Screenwriter, Eric Berg

A screenplay contest who is true to its contestants, genuine, professional, knowledgeable and skilled.  Readers, Judges, and all who work on Chicago Screenplay Awards are outstanding, clever, practiced. I will submit again, thank you, greetings from Munich, Germany.

Screenwriter, S.G.Vigneault