• Guardian

    Jess Gupta | Thriller-Horror | Feature

    A traumatized Iraq war vet is left to watch his infant daughter for the night, and begins to suspect that she has been possessed by a dark force.

  • Borderland

    Nate Wilcoxen | Thriller | Feature

    A border patrol agent is forced into a violent battle for survival when he secretly takes in the asylum-seeking young son of a cartel drug lord who possesses evidence of a murderous conspiracy between the cartel and the border patrol agent’s boss.

  • 51

    Jordan Bonn | Drama | TV Pilot

    When a woman once thought missing crash lands on Earth in an alien spacecraft, it’s up to a crack team of government agents to escort her to the most secure place on Earth: Area 51.

  • Elf Racer

    Tom Mickel | Animation | Feature

    A wild incident at the North Pole’s annual Derby Race throws a shy teenage elf into the adventure of his life. Battling Wolves – Rustlers – Killer Whales, he must first learn to believe in himself in order to survive… with the help of a spirited elf girl, they race against a ticking clock to try and reach the North Pole in time to save Christmas.

  • Up River

    David Bush | Adventure - Biographical | Feature

    A team of enslaved men and women in 1862 Charleston commandeer a Confederate steamboat and pilot it towards the Union barricade in the hopes of achieving their freedom and aiding the Northern war effort.

  • Black Friday

    King Hassan | Dark Comedy - Family | Feature

    A teenager returns home for Thanksgiving only to get roped into spending the day outside of Walmart with his crazed mother who’s on a mission for the Black Friday doorbuster deal of the century. 

  • Mercy Killer

    Nate Wilcoxen | Action | Feature

    Set in the near future where one percent of the people hold the power of life and death over the masses, a skilled “ender” goes on the run from the euthanasia corporation he has betrayed by refusing to kill a company whistleblower who threatens to expose a shocking government conspiracy.

  • Valley of Death

    Nate Wilcoxen | Action | Feature

    A CIA agent whose brother was brutally executed by a terrorist leader is forced to confront his own private war when he is tasked with extracting the terrorist leader’s wife from a Syrian stronghold.

    • The Script Rankings are a database of the highest-ranking screenplays submitted through the Screenplay Awards Network Screenplay Contests and Script Evaluation Services. Each of these scripts has been evaluated and shown a high potential in the marketplace.

When entering a screenplay contest or script coverage service within the network, the script passes through a weighted scale algorithm that ranks the script on many different factors. The top scripts in the Script Rankings are those who possess the highest odds of attracting financing and production.

To qualify, a script must undergo a Full Evaluation. This can be accessed through Script Evaluations (Premium Analysis or Straight-to-Producer Analysis) or a Full Analysis provided by any screenplay competitions we host in our network.

No. The scores are solely based on objective script data points, and placements do not factor as they are subjective selections. However, scripts that win contests typical score well and find themselves ranking well. 

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