Answer the 9 question is Section 1 to the best of your ability. The results will show below in Section 2. Find your favorite logline and then modify it for clarity.

Section 1

  • (Ex: arrogant husband, lazy bowler, 17-year-old conman, confident businesswoman)
  • Starts with “to”.(Ex. “to”… spend time with his daughter… save her dying husband… be accepted by her family… feel young again)
  • Starts with a VERB (Ex: find kidnapped daughter within 72 hours, save grandma’s house from foreclosure, find the groom and get him to the wedding in time, find and kill the evil villain)
  • (Ex: New York, a junk yard, a chapel, the Mexican border)
  • (Ex: losing his life, losing her child, going to jail for life, being ostracized by society)
  • Typically starts with “When” or “After” (Ex: “When” his parents get divorced… When her family becomes the target of a hate crime… After coming out of the closet… After witnessing a murder…)
  • Starts with a VERB (Ex. Being alone, losing his family, jeopardizing his child’s safety, having her family name destroyed)
  • (Ex: brutal warlord, corrupt politician, drug kingpin, arrogant realtor, zombie)
  • Starts with a VERB (Ex: Destroy the world, kill the hero, seize the briefcase full of money, capture the kid)

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