Free 3-lesson Screenwriting
Course for Beginners

Get off the right start in your screenwriting journey. This free course introduces you to a modern approach to developing your craft for quickest and most profound results.

The tools you need to start screenwriting successfully

Want to get an interactive screenwriting experience from the comfort of your own home? Get ready to learn the ins-and-outs of screenwriting, and develop your screenplay with a support system that will have you writing screenplays for the market quickly!


Get your outline or script put under the microscope and receive detailed rewrite suggestions.


See how formatting is done right with our interactive formatting course.

Character Development

Master the art of character development and bring awareness to your screenwriting talent.

Screenplay Structure

Create meaningful stories by learning screenplay dramatic structure from the pros.


Have your dialogue sparkle with wit and pathology.

Scene Structure

Have your scenes exploding with conflict and keep your reader engaged.

Business 360

Learn how to create a career strategy and expedite your success as a screenwriter.

How to attach producers

Learn how to get producers onboard your project and headed towards becoming a full-fletched movie.

Attracting Investors

Get all the tools to put your script in the hands of investors and sold.

Exclusive access

Get industry access to 1-on-1 Producer consults and our Producer services.

Toolkit & Worksheets

Get cutting edge tools for developing your screenplay, along with worksheets and exercises to sharpen your skills.

Live Q&A

Get access to live sessions and ask the pros your pressing questions about the craft and industry.

Get the Logline, Outline, & Scene Generator for FREE!

Absolutely free. No credit card required.

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