Free 3-Day Screenplay Formatting Course

Say goodbye to formatting mistakes. This course gives you an A-Z solution to all your formatting needs, plus more!

Everything you need to format screenplays like a pro

Poor formatting is the surest way to turn away producers from your screenplay. Learn how to format and present your screenplay like a pro and improve your screenplay’s reading experience.


Make an amazing first impression and give your screenplay consideration with a great logline.

Title Page

Get your title page formatting to perfection and looking pro.

Formatting Theory

Understand the language of formatting and everything becomes super easy.

Scene Headings

Learn everything there is to know about scene headings.

Writing Action

Start writing visually and see your pages flow with ease.

Transitions & Parentheticals

Learn how to use transitions and parenthetical like a pro.

How to use intercuts

Use intercuts like a professional never question if you're doing it right ever agian.

How to use extensions

Learn how to properly use extensions.

How to write montages

Write your montages per industry standard.

How to use dual dialogue

Learn how to properly use dual dialogue in your screenplays.

Software access

Get exclusive discounts to the industry leading screenwriting software.

Live Q&A

Get access to live sessions and ask the pros your pressing questions about the craft and industry.

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