About The Mentorship

Let’s face it… the industry model isn’t working for screenwriters. Now introducing the Ultimate Screenwriter Mentorship where Mikhael Bassilli (Producer/Director/Writer/Investor) shows you how to destroy the old model and take control of your career.

Here you’ll quickly learn how to attract producers and investors to your projects and see significant career results. This is the future of Script Development!

By joining this mentorship, a real working pro will take you through a clear pathway to production. The days of waiting for someone to GIVE you your career are over. It’s time to take what’s yours!

Price: $597


Dozens of hours of high value content, featuring:

  • The Mentality Transformation.
  • First Impressions & Formatting.
  • The Script Development Masterclass.
  • The Character Punch.
  • The Secrets To Enhancing Script Structure.
  • The Secrets To Refining Scene Structure.
  • The Dialogue Punch.
  • The Writer’s Room Playbook.
  • Producer Magnet Series.
  • Investor Attraction Secrets.
  • Legal Bundle.


  • Access to a screenplay library with over 1,000 popular scripts.
  • Unlimited access to updates and weekly LIVE recordings.
  • Major discounts on exclusive analysis packages
  • Private investor Blackbook

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