3 Tips For A Killer Concept

A story concept is the simplest version of your story idea. It helps you generate a good script outline with multiple possibilities. In film and TV, a clear concept can sell a project. The concept is the only thing that gets a producer excited. There are a million screenplays in which the writers engage the audience. Still, there isn’t a specific formula or a particular subject matter that would guarantee success at the box office. The dynamics coming with the concept make the concept shine. So, here are the three ways to make the most of your concept.

1. Find a hook for your genre

A good concept isn’t always a new concept rather the good portrayal of something old could grab an audience’s attention. What matters the most is the special element used by a writer. Finding the x-factor that could make an ordinary script better is necessary. It could be the use of unique character development or setting a cross-genre. Anything that gives a high point to a common genre can be termed as an x-factor. Once a writer is aware of the genre, he can visualize his audience. Once someone knows about the audience then surprising them becomes easier. Remember having a genre isn’t the same as having a concept. The concept is what if in conjunction with a hook. Concepts provide a fresh flavor to the existing genre.

2. Infuse conflict into the concept

Narratives need conflict to work their magic. When a character in a story doesn’t have any struggle, the plot becomes weak. Only by showing your character’s struggle towards achieving his goal can writers impress the audience. From a producer’s point of view, the central conflict is the single backer behind entertainment value that is to be sold to the audience. Without clear conflict present in a script, writers don’t have a guiding force for a narrative. It would only be a subject that will be discussed nonstop.

3. Know your movie comparisons

Looking at movies similar to yours in terms of tone, style or concept helps writers see the bigger picture. Comparing your script with a profitable or commercially successful script doesn’t affect the originality of your work. Rather it makes an easy shorthand for describing a unique combination of familiar elements. It’s important to realize that every story has been told before in some other way. There are hardly any completely original narratives. However, when various elements are placed together, something new can emerge. So, don’t be afraid to take help from other movies. Writers can learn from other writers and their work. Compare the tone, the scenes, or ideas to take inspiration.


With these screenplay treatment tips, writers can come up with a script that is:

  1. Original
  2. Full of juicy conflict
  3. A guaranteed success

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