How To Make A Film Attractive To Producer

Often most first-time writers ask senior writers how to get their film produced? Let’s start with the fundamentals. Having a good script is a must. Managing the elements of a financially viable script is mandatory. In order of importance, character development, concept, and dialogue top the list. To make something attractive writers must focus on the concept. Moreover, give consideration to the logline. Readability is also crucial. Still, to get a script within a door or for someone to look at the writer, the script needs to be presentable. Logline presents the script. A very clean and clear single logline generates a good impression. If a script has multiple loglines, the script will be rejected. As a writer one needs to lean to the point where he makes things clear for others.

The two things that make others consider a script worthy of reading are logline and title. These are the first two things looked at. A catchy title could make or break the game. Having a presentable screenplay outline without any kind of extreme moments is possible. Writers must go in with a logline and title that don’t disappoint others. Logline reflects a writer’s writing. A poorly generated logline could reflect the writer’s weakness in front of others. From one point of view loglines are a business card so do make them attractive. So, this is like the first step.

Why logline and title matter so much?

This is the entrance through the door of opportunities. If a writer has a strong logline and an attractive title, he will get a chance. The gatekeepers check the business card and if they are impressed by your professionalism, they let the writer’s in. Thus, always go with something original, never copy-paste. Platforms like SAN cover the topic of logline generation and significance in detail. Such screenplay lessons help newbies to create precise loglines in no time.

What other elements make a difference?

Making the script short is also mandatory. If a writer isn’t produced they should aim for something between 90 to 95 pages. Don’t go overboard. Simply because shorter pages mean a lesser budget. Being a new writer, producers prefer scripts needing lesser investment. Another thing is content strength. Content depends on character development and craft. After the logline and title, people look at the action description. Before getting into a story, people need to see a smooth outlook. It’s also a way to attract producers. Such techniques show producers that the writing is good even if it’s not what they are looking for. Some even keep in touch with writers to get an insight into their ideas. Maybe this draft didn’t fit their requirement but the next might.

 Spec script can be an auditioning tape. Even if it’s not selling the script immediately, it surely conveys the writer’s skills. Writers should keep in mind that no individual wishes to read scripts for hours. Moreover, a less experienced writer can never gain an opportunity if his script exceeds the length of that of an actual writer. Logline and title make your idea look good. If someone understands a script’s logline they know about the writer’s skills. Action description with clean visual helps others see the writer in a new light. Sometime later they might even meet with that writer to discuss future ideas and test his potential.

How to make a script financially attractive to a producer?

Rules can be bent. Sometimes long scripts also sell quite well. So, a person cannot bind a writer to certain rules. However, there is a general trend and that is what is being discussed here. Any genre can be financially successful if the craft is on point. At many points, writers give up on their dreams and strengths just to get produced. However, writing from the heart will be more favorable.

There are two sides to this coin. Action thriller suspense horror sells better internationally. Comedy or rom coms are more cultural. It’s hard to send something domestic abroad. They sell domestically not internationally. Keeping that in mind, writers can incorporate shorter script length with an internationally selling idea to make something great. Such ideas easily find financing. Minimal character, location, and other costs make a writer’s script more approachable.

If someone cannot write a certain genre, it’s fine. Even if a writer can only write dramas, it won’t be an issue. Managing a script idea with shorter screenplay length, minimum budget and minimum characters makes it easy to sell. Raising 200,000 or 500,000 dollars is easy as long as other elements are solid. Every kind of genre is financed, writers just need to stick with the basics. Going with strength is a better choice. Writers need to learn the tricks that make a script better than the others.

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