Screenwriting Tip: When To Take Notes or Stick To The Vision?

Emerging screenwriters have one question in their mind that is when to stick to notes and when to use vision? Only follow authentic notes, if a writer doubts that the note isn’t effective, discard it. In such scenarios use your vision. Basically, it all depends on intuition. It’s not possible to teach people to have stronger intuition. However, helping them with the basics is effective. Truth always has a good ring to it. Usually, writers get great advice and it becomes the source of new ideas. To address the issues in a script, writers need to take notes on fundamental issues. One should see things through cause and effect relation.

Taking the right notes

Amongst all types of notes, dressing notes are the least useful. If writers get such notes at the beginning, they should not pay attention to them. Since they have nothing to do with advancing the theme so it doesn’t fulfill the purpose of a note. Dressing notes are more commonly used in the polishing phase. Strengthening fundamentals is necessary for creating a strong script outline. Writers must seek notes that come from a place of mechanics. Creativity cannot be taught but good advice on mechanics can save a writer’s script from doom. Experienced writers should guide beginners about character development. They should make young writers ponder over their mistakes and teach them how to improve an average screenplay outline. Only through these useful tips can a writer’s screenplay actually benefit.

Unless your script isn’t in the polishing phase, no need to use dressing notes. Save them for a later stage. Take notes from people who will give you tips on a fundamental level. Experienced writers look at notes from a mechanical standpoint. They check how beneficial they can be for a script. Afterward, they keep things that suit their writing and reject whatever negatively affects the theme.

A note asking a writer to change something that mechanically strips the movie’s best should never be used. Writers can predict the reactions of the audience through the mechanics of story-telling. The science of explaining a story has cause and effect. How a scriptwriter uses that mechanism matters the most. Until someone isn’t clear about the fundamentals, he cannot judge between various kinds of notes.

Choose one place to send your script to

People who have just entered into the writing business, look for the right advice. SAN is a program where people go through excruciating training to build uniformity. That is why advice received by SAN’s experts will sync with one another. The same can’t be said for others. Places where scripts are being sent, might not have the same kind of composure. A lot of old companies don’t have a core philosophy and they just give their own opinion. Writers should not commit this blunder. Find a person or a developer who can give insights from a mechanical viewpoint.

Everyone has the freedom to choose as they like. Likewise, writers can select the notes that they want to and improve their text accordingly. Moreover, they can select a certain company to send their script to. Just make sure to select one. Choosing too many places might cause confusion. Each person has his own idea and philosophy. So when writers approach multiple parties, they get distracted. Sticking to one place not only gives you direction but saves your time. Let’s say a writer sends his script 5 to 6 times to SAN. Each time the reply and suggestions would be similar. This is due to the uniformity within the organization. Later on, these factors help young writers to be produced.

How to use conflicting notes?

Upon getting conflicting notes, go with something that is beneficial. Think on a deeper level. Try to find the reason behind a person leaving such a kind of a note. By understanding the reason behind the note, writers can identify their mistakes. Even if the note isn’t pleasant, it still helps in making things better.  After all, it’s not the matter of pleasing oneself rather creating a masterpiece that can be sold to the audience. Whether a writer likes or dislikes them doesn’t matter. Criticism and compliments both should be taken with an open mind.

The science of storytelling is simple and basic. As long as a person is getting true notes he can follow the path to success. Higher standards can be created with proper mechanics. Taking notes helps improve average scripts. They help polish mechanics. It leads to a better script and a brighter future for the developer. Lastly, don’t pick notes written out of resentment. There are many people in the world who don’t get what they desire thus they discourage others as well. Find the thing that seems honest and practically possible.   

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