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The Screenplay Award Network is a cutting-edge platform for screenwriters and here’s why…

The Screenplay Awards Network is said to be one of the best platforms for script writers. It is fairly unique when it comes to philosophy and script development in general. People want to know how SAN is different from other production firms in the industry. The Screenplay Award Network is a cutting edge platform for screenwriters and here’s why:

How SAN Started

The foundation for the development of the Screenplay Awards Network was to disrupt the industry. The way that the industry is running currently is extremely unfair for writers. They are put into a position where they have absolutely no power to actually sell their product. This is especially unfair for those writers who have no personal connection in the industry. Frankly, right now only writers with a strong connection to someone in the industry get the chance to showcase their work. So, someone with no inside resources will have a hard time. 

The film industry is built to keep people out. So instead of scouting writers based on merit, inside favoritism was used. So, if a writer somehow got an agent or a manager who just happened to like them, then they might get you some chances because they can monetize you. Without inside connections, writers sometimes have to resort to schmoozing which is really difficult for someone with morals. 

So, SAN’s main goal was to give writers a chance to reach their best potential and actually get financial support for their scripts. Mikhael started building this platform when he was tired of not being able to make his material shine due to a lack of inside connections to the industry. And that was the start of it all. 

Mikhael started scouting writers to put together writing teams for specific projects. And a lot of the writers that Mikhael scouted were through different screenwriting competitions. Screenplay Awards Network was not just a way to host screenplay competitions but it was also a platform for finding writers with potential. It brought legitimacy to screenwriter competitions by hosting them. 

Connecting Writers To Producers

Now, SAN is doing something that no other production firm is doing. It scouts writers at a clip that no other platform is doing by bringing them jobs and getting them work. For SAN, the aim of scouting writers was a way to bypass gatekeepers like agents and managers or inside connections. It gets writers to produce financially viable scripts and gives them access to producers and investors without having to rely on agents or managers.

Many agents are unaware of the future of their jobs in the industry given the way that it is changing. A platform like SAN gets many requests from developers and producers who want to develop a screenplay story structure. So, the team finds writers based on the metrics and hooks those writers with the developers. Since the team constantly keeps their eye on SAN’s writers, it gives them a clear view of the writers who are rising to the top. 

SAN’s Main Aim

Ultimately, at the end of the day, SAN wants to create an infrastructure where writers advance based on merit. It aims to eliminate the inside favoritism of agents and managers and make it all about the skillset of the screenwriters. 

It is really important for writers to know what their skill set it. Once they recognize what they are good at, they will be able to strengthen them. The main aim of screenwriting courses is for writers to be able to recognize their strengths and strengthen them as well as strengthen their weaknesses. Writers should always lead with that they are good at right now. 

There are many writers who are great at dialogue or character development or structure. Many different skill sets are necessary in development. SAN is a collaborative network of writers which is the main difference between SAN and other script development companies. It offers a collaborative environment to writers and shifts them around. It gives writers the access that they need so, they don’t sit around just waiting for their big chance to come to them. By taking actionable steps, writers can work with SAN and actually get their script on track while building on their strengths and weaknesses.

Why Is SAN Different From Others?

The first thing is that SAN has the best development staff in the industry. Every single individual undergoes a long vetting process, conducted by Mikhael himself. The high level of interviewing is to make sure that the right development staff is brought into the hierarchy. The staff that SAN hires is unparalleled when it comes to talent. And this is one of the major reasons why SAN is different from other script development firms. 

Secondly, every script that comes through goes through the heads of the development staff and Mikhael himself. So, they discuss every script that they receive because they want to make sure that every writer gets the right notes. Right notes refer to the notes that improve the script from a foundational level. They want to make sure that the writers receive the tools that will help them elevate their craft. This is another reason why SAN is different from other firms in that it makes sure to give rewrite suggestions and resource recommendations to everybody. It aims to bring all scripts to a position of becoming financially viable.

The third thing that makes SAN different from others is that it creates a gateway for writers to actually take their scripts to investment partners. Their aim is to prepare the writers. So, the infrastructure will be able to identify when a script is ready and inform the writers about its viability status. They create an avenue to push writers forward to qualify for executive producer services. 

The Bottom Line

The Screenplay Awards Network doesn’t want to take away from writers like everybody else. They actually hold their hands and show them how to do things on their own. They do their best to guide the writers into finding ways to get their financial supports for their projects. 

Script developers are the future of the industry and so they should learn to get control of their craft. With data driven analytics and film, the person who can develop financially viable material should have all the power. It shouldn’t be in the hands of the people who don’t have their own artistic talent. And this future for writers is approaching really quickly. 

If screenwriters can work to disrupt the current system of the industry, then it will change the landscape of it all. It will put a lot of power into the developers and screenwriters. And this is what SAN aims to achieve by working with winners and writers from screenwriting competitions and screenplay contests.

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